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Happy New Presidential Election Year 2020!

January Tempo

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CRWC Members at the January strategy session after signing a letter to our Delegates and Senators in Richmond about Voter Integrity
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Calling All Republicans and Independents

We Need You to Monitor Far Left Legislative Proposals

The Democrats have wasted no time in the 2020 General Assembly advancing their extreme left wing agenda; now that they control the House of Delegates, the Senate and the Governor’s Office, they are pushing bills that will transform Virginia.

See below for a list of proposed House and Senate  bills for the current session. These proposed bills need to be monitored and exposed. Can you help? If there is one issue you feel passionate about, volunteer to monitor it and keep your fellow Republicans and Independents informed of the debates on issues and progress of bills through the Virginia House and Senate and to the Governor's desk.  Some of these items may not make it into law, but we need to know if they do.

Contact CRWC to volunteer today!

Keep up to date on the progress of bills through the legislature here:    https://lis.virginia.gov/ 
Current list of proposed legislation:
House Bills
HB 30, SB 16, SB 18 Gun Confiscation (or mandatory turn-in for new ‘illegal’ status)
HB 64 Criminalization of self-defense instruction and training deemed by the state to be intended for civil disorder
HB 85 Abolition of the Death Penalty
HB 152 Outlawing of Single Family Housing Zones
HB 153 Repeal of Right to Work
HB 187 and 201 Same Day Voter Registration (Facilitates Fraud)
HB 199 Virginia Electoral College Votes not determined by Virginians
HB 567 Prohibition of Privately-owned Gun Ranges
HB 736 Introduction of a Death Tax

Senate Bills
SB 21 Removal of Requirement for Parental Consent for Minor’s Abortion
SB 36 and 102 and 374 Authorization of Casino Gambling in Virginia
SB 43 Prevention of Absentee Voter Lists being Made Public (Facilitates Voter Fraud)
SB 65 and 113; HB 19 and 190  Elimination of Photo ID Requirement (Facilitates Voter Fraud)
SB 68 Removal of Ultrasound Requirement Before Abortion
SB 104 Authorization of Vaccinations Without Parental Consent
SB 123 Allowing Expired Drivers’ License Use as ID (Facilitates Voter Fraud)
SB 637 Death Tax