CRWC Press Release,
Alexandria, VA
December 3, 2018
Commonwealth Republican Women's Club

Alexandria, Virginia
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Local GOP Encourages Former and New Candidates to Run 


Less than a month after the November elections, local GOP leaders gathered to discuss the recent campaign season and look to the future.  Four past GOP city council candidates, Michael Clinkscale, Kevin Dunne, Frank Fannon, and Bob Wood, as well as 8th Congressional District candidate Thomas Oh, were in attendance.  All were extremely appreciative of the campaign support they received from Alexandria voters and members of the Commonwealth Republican Women’s Club (CRWC), many of whom were present.  The Alexandria Republican City Committee (ARCC) Chairman, Sean Lenehan, expressed the hope of those present that all five former candidates attending will stay active and involved in the range of issues important to us.  Many present encouraged them to run again in the future.  

The ARCC and CRWC members also discussed additional names of possible GOP candidates. Lenehan also said that now would be the time for any other local Republicans interested in running for any office or managing a campaign to step forward and contact him to learn more about the process.  In November, voters will select state-level Senators and Delegates to represent them in the Virginia legislature.  The General Assembly meets annually in Richmond, beginning on the second Wednesday in January, for 60 days in evennumbered years and for 30 days in odd-numbered years, with an option to extend annual sessions for a maximum of 30 days. Currently, the GOP holds the Virginia Senate by a margin of 21 to 19, and the House by a margin of 51 to 49. 

ARCC (at ) is the local branch of the national Republican Party.  CRWC is the Alexandria chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women.  More information is available at .


(L-R) Gregory Fanning (teen conservative and ARCC member), Susie Miller (event hostess),  Sean Lenehan (ARCC President), Kevin Dunne, and Eileen Brackens (CRWC President)  attend event to discuss GOP candidates for future races.
                      (L-R) James Morrison, Frank Fannon, Eileen Brackens (CRWC President) and Suzanne Morrison
listen as former City Councilman Fannon talks local politics.

Former Republican candidates (L-R) Michael Clinkscale,  Thomas Oh, Kevin Dunne, and Bob Wood
  were encouraged by local GOP leaders to run again.