CRWC Press Release,
Alexandria, VA
November 19, 2018
Commonwealth Republican Women's Club

Alexandria, Virginia
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GOP Women Host Hillary Orr,
City Transportation Deputy

Alexandria, VA.  The Commonwealth Republican Women’s Club (CRWC) hosted Hillary Orr, Deputy Director of Alexandria’s Department of Transportation & Environmental Services at their November meeting.  Orr spoke on the department’s “Five Priorities for 2019.” 

The informative slide show presentation and discussion covered a wide array of transportation issues, particularly congested streets, apps that direct rush hour traffic, the future of autonomous vehicles, steps to improve traffic safety, options for bus service routes and vehicle type, and next summer’s closing of all of Alexandria’s Metro stations and tracks for maintenance and upgrades.  Orr noted the intentional cultural shift in referring to traffic “crashes” instead of “accidents” in order to stress the fact that the incidents are generally created by behaviors that diminish safety.

Orr urged CRWC members to sign up for Alexandria’s eNews service to stay current on all of the city’s transportation news, and other topics chosen by the subscriber. 

After Orr’s presentation, the club briefly discussed the recent elections.  Michael Clinkscale, a GOP candidate for City Council, thanked the CRWC membership for their support during his recent campaign.  He stressed the need to reach out and get local Republicans more involved in our local politics and GOP organizations.

CRWC is the Alexandria chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women.  More information is available at

Recent city council candidate Michael Clinkscale spoke about his recent and possible future campaigns.
CRWC’s Linda Greenberg introduces Hillary Orr, Deputy Director of Alexandria’s Department of Transportation and Environmental Services.