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Alexandria, VA September 27, 2018
Commonwealth Republican Women's Club

Alexandria, Virginia
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Republican Women Host GOP Candidates

Local Republican Candidates Challenge Status Quo

Alexandria, VA.  The four GOP candidates appearing on the November 2018 ballot in Alexandria received enthusiastic support from local party members at the September 27th annual Meet the Candidates Dinner hosted by the Commonwealth Republican Women’s Club.  CRWC held its event at Joe Theismann’s Restaurant.

Thomas Oh, candidate for the 8th Congressional District, spoke of his new endorsements and his frustration with incumbent Rep. Don Beyer’s refusal to participate in scheduled debates, which would allow voters the opportunity to compare and contrast their platforms and positions.  Oh, a Korean American and veteran, is running a “People Before Politics” campaign opposed to the political and economic cronyism he sees in his opponent.

Corey Stewart, candidate for the U. S. Senate, was ably represented by Chris Redder, who detailed Stewart’s America’s First agenda.  Stewart credits the President and Republicans for the country’s remarkable economic recovery, spectacular growth, job creation and record low minority unemployment.  Mr. Redder noted a ground-swell of support for Stewart in northern Virginia. Stewart hopes to unseat Sen. Tim Kaine, who was Hillary Clinton’s running mate in the 2016 Presidential race.

In the City Council race, six seats are available and the GOP hopes to win two.  Kevin Dunne, is running for City Council as a man for all people, a moderate, and fiscal conservative.  He wants to improve transparency and efficiency in city government and feels that technology will further this goal.  He argued that even Democrats want to make government competitive, improve policy outcomes and voter satisfaction and added that the city’s unelected staff have too much sway in running the city.

Michael Clinkscale, also running for City Council, focused on the importance of the one-on-one discussion of issues with Alexandria voters.  He emphasized that many local Democrat voters agree with Republican positions when issues are discussed as issues not “politics.”   Moreover, he is concerned that the city is not controlling spending due to poor policy decisions, which is harming Alexandria citizens and must be immediately corrected. He is particularly concerned about the need for quality education and promotes principles of self-reliance and self-respect.

All candidates were optimistic about the election outcome and shared their experiences talking to former Democrats who recently joined the #WalkAway movement and switched to the GOP.  This trend is in keeping with a recent Gallup poll showing the GOP favorability at a seven-year high.  At the conclusion of the event, CRWC president Eileen Brackens presented checks to the two City Council candidates to support their campaign efforts.

The next gathering of CRWC is October 25, 2018.  Traditionally this is a work day when members phone, mail or do other volunteer tasks for the local candidates working in shifts at Republican Headquarters.  For more photos see our photo gallery.

Michael Clinkscale, Kevin Dunne, and Thomas Oh, three of the four GOP candidates on Alexandria's November ballot