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This page was last updated on: November 30, 2019
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It's Time to Party!
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Thinking about running for office?  Do your homework now.

Get involved in our community (non-profits, advisory boards, etc.) and show involvement, commitment, and leadership.  Get to know the movers and shakers in the community.

Work on another candidate's campaign before you run to learn the ins and outs of campaigning while making key contacts.

Develop some expertise on issues.

Start planning your team:  Campaign Manager, Campaign Treasurer, and volunteers.

Develop your issues platform. What will you stand for?

Monitor the voting history of your Democrat incumbent opposition.  Why should you replace them?

Learn the requirements for getting on the ballot.  For example, how many signatures will you need?  (Hint:  Get many more signatures than are needed in case the official verification process eliminates some signatures as being invalid.)  What are the filing deadlines?  Etc.

Develop your 'stump speech' that you will give whenever you have a speaking engagement in front of a group for the first time.  

Talk to (and join) the local Republican Party and CRWC.  We are here to help you work through the campaign process, as appropriate.  

Note: The Republican Party cannot endorse or assist candidates' campaigns until they are determined to be the winners of a primary process.  This ensures all Republican candidates are treated equally.
We Encourage New Candidates to Run!
 Alexandria Political FYI's

Our two U.S. Senators representing all of Virginia are elected for 6 year terms.  Their terms and elections are staggered (not held in the same year).

The entire City of Alexandria is located in the 8th Congressional District.  Members of Congress are elected every two years, in even-numbered years (2020, 2022, etc.)

Virginia's General Assembly is made up of 40 Senators and 100 Delegates.

Alexandria City is represented at the state level in:

   Senate Districts 30, 35, and 39

   House of Delegates Districts 45 and 46

Voters in Virginia do not register by political party.  Numbers of Republicans can only be estimated.

Alexandria City's Mayor is selected by direct election every three years at the same time as the remainder of the City Council. The City's Vice-mayor is the City Council candidate who received the most votes.

Elections for City Council allow voters to vote for 6 names to fill the 6 seats on City Council (the seventh seat is the Mayor as above).  

If Republican voters want Republicans to win seats on City Council, they should vote ONLY for Republican candidates and not vote for any other candidates. That may mean you only vote for (for example)  three candidates.

​Presently, there are no Republicans holding elected office representing Alexandria at any level of government (except for nationally-elected President Trump and Vice President Pence).  We are a political minority with no elected representation at the state or local level of government, or in the US House of Representatives or US Senate.

NOTE: Parts of Fairfax County have an Alexandria address, but they are not located within the boundaries of the City of Alexandria for voting or other purposes.
Know Your City
Map of City of Alexandria VA
Alexandria's population is estimated at 159,200 in 2019.

Alexandria City limits cover only 15.35 square miles.
CRWC Holiday Party
& Installation of 2020 Officers
December 11, 2019
6:30 pm Buffet Supper
7:15 pm Program

Marina Towers Potomac Room
(Terrace Level)
501 Slaters Lane
Alexandria VA 22314
Free Parking Lot
Special Guest: Suzan Fitzpatrick, Communications Director, Community Lodgings
Members: Please bring Unwrapped Books and Gifts 
for Community Lodgings’ Holiday Student Gift Store 
RSVP names of attendees to Linda Greenberg 
via email: or 
phone:703-461-6992 by 12/9/19 for entrance to building.
Many thanks to Michael Maibach for coming to our November Meeting and leading us in a most enlightening discussion of the Electoral College and the attempt that is underway to undermine this part of the Founding Fathers' ingenious structure to unite the States of our Federal Republic.

For more information about Michael's campaign to oppose these efforts, please go to the
Center for the Electoral College website
Former City Council Candidate Fernando Torrez
Issues a Challenge to Dems for 2020

In a November 21st letter to the Alexandria Times (shown at right), Fernando Torrez points out how Latinos in our area have benefited from Trump's Republican economic policies, thus opening the first round in the 2020 election contest.